Can you stop auto firmware updates on APs?

RBrehaut Posts: 4  Freshman Member
Is there a way of disabling the firmware auto update function of APs?

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  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 1,150  Guru Member


    configuration > wireless > AP management > AP policy tab then update mode to manual

  • RBrehaut
    RBrehaut Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    Is that in Nebula or on each AP?
  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 1,150  Guru Member

    That for the controller not sure about Nebula

  • Zyxel_Silvia
    Zyxel_Silvia Posts: 47  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @RBrehaut,


    If you are using controller, you may follow PeterUk s' steps.


    About Nebula, we can’t set up firmware upgrade manually,

    But there is a way, go to Site-wide>Configure>Firmware management>All APs

    You may find the “New firmware is available for APs in this site.

    You can reschedule upgrade time as you wish or upgrade now.”

    Then set up the date you want to update firmware.

    You may also set up update schedule per AP below.

    Hope this can help.

    Thank you for raising your questions, and wish you a nice day.



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