Licence Expiry NSG 100

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Hi I had this email today, I assume I can ignore it as we only use our NSG100 for opening certain ports and allowing about 10 users to connect via VPN cloud authentication? Many Thanks

Dear Customer,

Your access to the license service is about to expire in 60 days. Renew today without interruptions to your cloud service. Details on soon to expired licenses found below.

Device NameSerial NumberService NameExpired At
S202L10Nebula Professional Pack Service2021-11-28 04:59:57 UTC
S200Nebula Security Pack Service2021-11-28 04:59:59 UTC

Accepted Solution

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    Hi @Headmaster

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Kindly inform you that If you only need port forwarding and client VPN on NSG, your services will not be interrupted when license expires.

    Nebula Professional Pack Service - it enables features with a diamond icon on NCC.
    Nebula Security Pack Service - it allows user to enable security service of NSG50.

    Please feel free to use your Nebula device :smile:

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