GS2210-48 cisco-like vlan mode

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I was trying to configure some GS2200 to interoperate with our installed switchs, there is a bunch of commands very similar to Cisco IOS, but when executed I get this message

(config)# interface port-channel 1,2,3
(config-interface)# switchport mode trunk

"VLAN configuration is current not in cisco-like vlan mode"

Is there any way to enable some compatibility with Cisco IOS?


  • Zyxel_Ryan
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    Hi @jvictor

    Welcome to Zyxel community!
    Regarding your question, I am wondering if you are talking about GS2210-48 because we should not have clv mode on GS2200-48?
    If you want to enable clv mode, you can use command below and you can enable it.
    GS2210(config)# clv

    For details, you can also refer to Chapter 16 of our CLI Reference Guide as attachment.

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    Hi @jvictor

    Using Zyxel's CLI, "interface port-channel 1,2,3" is equivalent to Cisco's "interface range fastethernet 1/1-3". 

    On the other hand, Cisco's "interface port-channel 1" refers to creating a Link Aggregation / Ether-channel group ID "1".

    They are completely different commands!
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    Hi @jvictor

    We support CLV feature on version 4.50. CLV is for the users who are familiar with CISCO style command line. CLV could transfer VLAN configuration seamlessly between Zyxel style and Cisco style without any VLAN configuration miss.

    For more details about CLV command please see CLI Reference Guide and make sure your device is running on firmware v4.50.

    Best Regards