Nebula Together Firmware Information for AP, Switch and firewall

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Only specific Access Point, Switch, Firewall models and firmware versions support Nebula Together.

Before adding products to the Nebula Cloud service, make sure that it is a supported model

and that it is running the required firmware version.


Supported models and firmware are as below:

Access Point

- Supported models: Small Business AP/Performance AP/Advanced AP/Extreme AP Series

- Firmware versions: V6.25



- Supported models: XS3800-28, GS2220 Series, XGS1930 Series, GS1920v2 Series, GS1350 Series, GS1915 Series

- Firmware versions: V4.70

- Supported models: XS1930 Series

- Firmware versions: V4.60


- Supported models: ZyWALL ATP/USG FLEX/ USG20(W)-VPN/VPN Series

- Firmware versions: ZLD5.1


Know more about the Nebula Together: