XMG3927-B50A Temporarily unavailable

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I have 17 WiFi devices and 7 wired devices connected to this router.  Occasionally one or more devices gives me the error "The Network is temporarily Unavailable".  The only way I seem to be able to rectify the problem is a power recycle.

Both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz see to be affected (I've tried switching off the 5Ghz and the problem still exists.)

I have firmware V5.17(ABMT.5)D0_20210129.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

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    If your router was provided by ISP, I would suggest to contact the ISP to see if any newer firmware version available.
    There might some enhancement on newer firmware.
  • WilsonJO
    Thanks for the reply SEJ, but I have come to the conclusion that, after much research, the router simply doesn't have enough "oomph" for what I'm asking it to do, so I've just bought a TP-Link AX5400.  My ISP hasn't been a lot of help on this one - they did try, but I think I know more than they do regarding this!

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