Show WiFi channel usage / utilization / occupation AKA wireless neighborhood information

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Even very simple standalone APs like e.g. NWA-1123-AC offer a neighboorhood scan showing the channel usage of the different WiFi bands to enable manual channel optimization from remote. There has been a little bit of a discussion around that topic in e.g. or, but I couldn't find this feature implemented yet in e.g. Wireless Health or Radio Settings in Nebula. Unfortunately, when connecting a device to Nebula that originally offers this feature in standalone mode it is not possible anymore to directly login to that AP and scan for foreign SSIDs (e.g. in Monitor > Channel Usage). Is there already any comparable "hidden" feature in Nebula or AP CLI and if not, are there plans to implement this? It would be REALLY helpful for e.g. remote site surveys or the finding of problems resulting from channel overlapping.

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    Hi @flottmedia ,


    Thank you for sharing your usage scenario.

    The function you mentioned is already on the feature request list.

    Please stay tuned.

    Thank you.



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