Totaly lost with modern Zyxel hardware firewall products

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Back in 2014, I have bought a ZyWALL USG 50. It was easy to setup, easy to understand the licensing, and a good product.

Now in 2021, I might have to renew my ZyWALL with a modern solution, but it's pretty unclear, and I'm totally lost about the Zyxel product descriptions.

a. What is the difference between ATM and USG firewall ? There is no explanation

b. What the "FLEX" label means on a Zyxel firewall ?

c. What is the relation between Zyxel hardware firewall and nebula ?

d. What "NSG" means ?

Thank you

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    Hi @nico75
    The new generation firewall products are named: USG FLEX and ATP.
    Both of products are able to manage by Nebula cloud server mode or working by standalone mode, the only different is support with different license services. You may compare web page between USG FLEX and ATP license specs.

    Nebula server could centrally manage devices on cloud server. If you have many devices, it still can easy to provision configurations to your devices. And also check devices log by SecuReporter server.

    The 1st generation Nebula gateway is named NSG. It is only support in nebula mode. USG FLEX and ATP are support Nebula mode and On Premise mode. You can choose the mode before deploy into your environment.

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