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Hi, I got two used Zyxel APs here that I bought from eBay. I can not access a single one of them. I doesn't matter if I try to connect via Ethernet or WiFi. The AP won't give me a valid IP address and thus I am not able to access or for setup. I did reset both APs several times but neither one of them works. I also tried to setup them via Nebula but it won't recognize the serial number.

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    Hi Daniel,


    We’d like to help you get the AP works well, please follow below steps:

    First, reset your AP by pressing the rest button for more than 10 seconds.

    You may install ZON utility on your PC connecting to same subnet with AP for checking Zyxel devices.

    Remind to select the right network adapter for scanning.

    After AP boot up, you can access standalone mode AP GUI by default or the DHCP IP if AP gets from dhcp server with admin/1234. The example in my ZON, the IP is from dhcp server. 

    For the Nebula can’t recognize serial number, can you send the MAC and serial number via private message for me to check for you.

    Thank you.






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