Mac Pro and XS1930-10 link aggregation

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I am trying to aggregate both mac pro ethernet ports that I connect to the XS1930-10 switch. I am creating a "virtual link aggregate" on mac pro, as per instructions found on Apple's wikis, but it is not working. I mean the aggregate bond is created OK on the mac pro, but it never gets just one IP and get online. I have done something similar with a QNAP nas and a XS1930-12 and it worked out of the box. When I have both individual ethernet ports connected to the switch, they seem to work OK. Any suggestions?

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    Hi @jpikoulas,

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    I check the document here that macOS will use LACP when building up link aggregation.
    Have you already enabled LACP on XS1930?
    The location to see the status of link aggregation: Advanced Application > Link Aggregation.
    The place to enter LACP setting:

    Maybe you may share your setting(screenshot), so we can help you to check.