USG FLEX 100- Enable in Nebula SNMP -PRTG software

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I have a customer which is trying a USGFLEX 100 in Nebula. He is asking me if it is possible to monitor in PRTG software the use of USGFLEX ports . I did not see in the Nebula manual how to do so, please could you send me any information about it? How can i do to make it work?

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    You can enable SNMP feature in Site-wide > General setting to active SNMP service in your site.(community string setting is required.
    And also you can use OID to query Interface status.

  • Piro
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    Sorry for the delay of the answer but still I do not get how to get the interface stadistics  of the firewall in the PRTG software. I did the SNMP site wide configuration in Nebula but still nothing appears in the PRTG software, do i need to import MIBs of the firewall in the PRTG software ??
    I have all my devices centralised in this software.
    Thank you in advanced.
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    I have the exact same issue. I have enable SNMP for the site (V2) and set a unique public user and I can't even ping the router not to mention gather SNMP statistics from it. What is going ion here?

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