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I've just activated the SecuReporter on the USG FLEX 100, FW V5.10(ABUH.0), but I don't see any data on the cloud. 
On the device: 1) Configuration > Registration > Service > SecuReporter is activated: 2) Configuration > Cloud CNM > SecuReporter enabled for all and service status is activated. 3) Monitor > Security statistics > "Collect statistics" is activated for App Patrol, Content Filter, Anti-Malware, Reputation Filter, IPS and addtionaly for the Traffic Statistics. 4) So far any errors on the log 5) Secur policy for the WAN_to_Device is default. 

But I don't see any date on the cloud. Any idea what it might be?

Thank you in advance

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  • Podo said:
    Did you create org and claim your device on to that org in Secureporter?
    You can follow this article to deploy!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=017923&lang=EN
    Hello, yes, I've done it, just forget to mention it in the previous post. 
    And also, as a matter of fact, today morning I have the available data on the log, and this led me to believe that the Secureporter collects data not online, but with some frequency. Anyway, it looks like the problem is solved. Thank you for the help.