V6.25(P2)C0 Release is out for 24 current APs. Manual load options for ACs?

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Accumulated bugs fixed.

Known Issue Mode Known Issue Cloud Only:
1. [eITS: 210400642] [Symptom] Mesh SSID is visible 
2. [eITS: 210500147] [Symptom] SSID not broadcast after changing the forwarding mode from NAT to local bridge 

For  Cloud,  Managed, and Standalone
3. [eITS: 210900596] [Symptom] Act-session ID in access stage is different to accounting stage.

APs affected:
 NAP203 V6.25(ABFA.2)  NAP303 V6.25(ABEX.2)  NAP353 V6.25(ABEY.2)  NWA1123-AC HD V6.25(ABIN.2)  NWA1123-AC PRO V6.25(ABHD.2)  NWA1123-ACv3 V6.25(ABVT.2)  NWA1302-AC V6.25(ABKU.2)  NWA5123-AC HD V6.25(ABIM.2)  WAC500 V6.25(ABVS.2)  WAC500H V6.25(ABWA.2)  WAC5302D-Sv2 V6.25(ABVZ.2)  WAC6103D-I V6.25(AAXH.2)  WAC6303D-S V6.25(ABGL.2)  WAC6502D-E V6.25(AASD.2)  WAC6502D-S V6.25(AASE.2)  WAC6503D-S V6. 25(AASF.2)  WAC6552D-S V6.25(ABIO.2)  WAC6553D-E V6.25(AASG.2)  NWA110AX V6.25(ABTG.2)  NWA210AX V6.25(ABTD.2)  WAX510D V6.25(ABTF.2)  WAX610D V6.25(ABTE.2)  WAX630S V6.25(ABZD.2)  WAX650S V6.25(ABRM.2)

How long does this take to be loaded for Access point Controller firmware updates?

Any way to manually load this for the USG Flex 500?

Accepted Solution

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    Hi @dkyeager,

    About firmware v6.25patch2 only include the bug happens on cloud mode/ Nebula.
    Management AP(Controller AP) don't need to upgrade.
    Thank you for raising your questions.