Vlan Trunking and IP route Configuration GS2220-28HP

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new to zyxel,How do you configure trunk and allow the vlan on a trunk port?
and how do you add static routes?


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    Hi @Afrimax,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!
    About how to configure trunk and allow the VLAN on a trunk port,
    If your device is in stand alone mode, please go to Menu > Advanced application > VLAN > VLAN configuration > VLAN Port Setup to enable VLAN Trunking on ports connected to other switches or routers.

    If your device is in cloud mode, you just to to set the port to trunk mode and set allowed VLAN.
    For more information, please check this topic:
    Configuration and explanation of VLAN (Trunk/Access/PVID) on Nebula switch

    About how to add static route,
    you may go to Menu > IP Application > Static Routing > IPv4 
    Static Route to setup.
    Destination IP Address is 
    the IP network address of the final destination.
    Gateway IP Address is the IP address of gateway, which must be a router which is an immediate neighbor of your switch that will 
    forward the packet to the destination.

    Notice: Since GS2220 is L2+ switch, it can only route the traffic in management VLAN. You may not route the traffic which is not in management VLAN.

    Hope it helps.

    Zyxel Melen