Configuration and explanation of VLAN (Trunk/Access/PVID) on Nebula switch

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This article demonstrates the way to configure VLAN on NCC and includes an explanation for every VLAN option.

For configuring VLAN(s), the page is located at Configure > Switches > Switch ports

Select a switch port and click edit.

Step2: Choose your desired port type and configure the rest settings.
There are two options for type: Trunk / Access

You may specify VLANs on your own in Allowed VLANs instead of "all".

You may select "Access" type when you would like to use "Voice VLAN" for a switch port. 

Explanation of options.
Select Access so that the port can carry traffic for just one VLAN. Frames received on the port are tagged with the port VLAN ID.
Select Trunk so that the port can carry traffic for multiple VLANs over a link. A trunk port is usually connected to a router, switch, and server.
Management control:
To specify if this port needs to be added as a member of management VLAN.
Instructs the switch to add VLAN tags to incoming untagged frames received on a port so that the frames are forwarded to the VLAN group that the tag defines. You may consider it as native VLAN.
Allowed VLANs:
(This field is only available when you select
Trunk in the Type field.)
Specifies traffic from which VLAN is allowed to transmit out this port
Specified VLANs will be automatically created in switch VLAN table.

VLAN Type:
This field is available only when you select Access in the Type field.
Note: This port is a regular access port and follows the device’s access port rules.

1. Voice VLAN: Apply the Voice VLAN settings from Configure > Switches > Switch settings to this port.

2. Vendor ID-based VLAN: Apply the Vendor ID-based VLAN settings from Configure > Switches > Switch settings to this port.

Need more detail of configuration regarding Voice VLAN and Vendor ID based VLAN  Click them!