Wifi connection problem with WRE6602


I have Netmaster Infinity 401 router and I was trying to connect WRE6602 to this router via the mobile app (Easy Link) and WPS. So far no luck, it's failing when it's trying to connect to the WIFI. I'm sure WRE6602 is functional since I tried to connect it to my mobile phone's hotspot.

I also have WRE6606 which has UK plug and when I tested it with the same router, it managed to connect without any problem.

I have no problem with WIFI connection with any other device. I'm suspecting there might be a problem with encryption or signal quality. I tried to check the internet also the guides provided by Zyxel, but no one mentioned about such issue.

Anyone has any idea how to fix this issue?

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  • redek
    redek Posts: 2
    I use wre6602 to extend my wifi on dlink and it also work, i think it might be interoperability issue.
    You can keep using wre6606 or consider to change another router.

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