Zyxel PGM5617GA : Question about UPS port

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I am a new user of a Zyxel PGM5617GA router that my Internet / Telephone provider has installed. I need to connect the router to a UPS to continue with the telephone service in the event of a power outage.
I found that this router has a port for UPS with eight pins. I would like to know, if you can inform me, what type of UPS uses this type of port? or what is connected to each pin of this port?
Finally, what is the name of this type of connector?
Unfortunately the internet provider could not give me information on this issue.
Thank you.

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    UPS: Power input: DC 12 V, 8 pin connector
    This is what I can find from Internet.
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    Hi Claudio,

    The UPS pin assignment supposedly will list in PMG5617GA user guide, you could try to contact your Internet provider to get this information.
    It provides 12V power input.

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