Push-feed of logs - logging of access.

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    We are anticipating an increasing likeyhood - especially in regard of the UK RIPA and IPA laws, that anyone offering internet access should be able to provide logs of who was connected and when. It appears (i'm not a lawyer - maybe you can check with your legal experts!) that a time-log of MAC address sign-on and sign-off would be sufficient!  And...

... to make this a reliable permanent (up to the minimum requirements of the IPA which is 1 year - after which no doubt the GDPR will require it's erasure!) log, it would be better if the log was push-fed out from the Nebula core - perhaps as a CSV attached to an email, or saved to a suitable cloud-store location, rather than requiring a user to remember to log in and download it. I can see a possible demand for this for other logs too!

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