USG20-VPN and Nebula?

intranu Posts: 3
Hi all!
Have updated to a couple of USG20-VPN to V5.10(ABAQ.0) / 2021-09-24 01:10:21
to se how they do in nebula but there is no way to get the in Nebula mode goes straight to premises mode.
What have i missed?
If I do a reset they will just go to Premises mode. 
boot from other firmware premises mode. 

Any thoughts? 

All the best H


  • Blabababa
    Blabababa Posts: 137  Ally Member
    Looks like your device is originally running on premises mode before upgrading to 5.10 so that you need to press the reset button (press and hold for few seconds) and restart those settings from beginning. The wizard will guide you about how to get your device on nebula
  • intranu
    intranu Posts: 3
    The problem as stated is that even after reset there is no Nebula just reset password and straight to on prem mode.
  • intranu
    intranu Posts: 3
    Worked! Thanks a million.

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