Preview the new look of Nebula Control Center!!

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Dear Nebula Admins,

As you all might have already heard, Nebula will have a major upgrade on the 30th of April !

Before that, we would like to provide a sneak preview of the new Nebula Control Center (NCC) before it officially releases.


Therefore,  NCC will be upgraded to a preview version on April 25, 2018.

Estimated down time of NCC is approximately from UTC+0 time 02:00 to 04:00

What you will experience most obviously, is the new landing page and layouts on NCC.

We redesigned the landing page to have a better and friendly user experience. Besides that, we provide Tutorial video and demo links for new Nebula users.


After login, you will see the new layout with black background.


Along with the NCC upgrade, Nebula Access Points (NAP and NWA1123 series) and Nebula Security Gateway (NSG) will have a new firmware available, which is necessary for running new features.

If you want to try out the new features in preview version, you can proceed to select “Schedule the upgrade” or “Perform the upgrade now” option.

Any setting under “Follow upgrade time” will be upgraded after the official firmware upgrade launch time which is set at UTC+0 12:00 am, on May, 6th, 2018. Any scheduled upgrade time before the launch time will be arranged to the next week. 

*For example you may notice in UTC+2 timezone will receive a notification which is scheduled to 13th of May.


Please note that before Nebula devices do firmware upgrade, you may see the Configuration status show partially done on NCC.



Phase 3 Highlight Features


In phase 3 there are some major changes and also enhancements on the Nebula Solution, the below are the highlights of this update we have brought to you.


1. Clearer interface in dark grey color

2. Greater performance for sites with hundreds of clients

3. Nebula License Free version

4. Streamlined Nebula account signup flow

5. Straightforward startup wizard

6. Two-factor authentication

7. Gateway Live Tools enhancement: Ping with source interface

8. Support second peer IP for VPN failover

9. Send clients’ parameter to integrate with 3rd party social Wi-Fi


We hope you can enjoy the best of Nebula as soon as possible!

And if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

Best Regards,

Nebula Support Team


- iOS Mobile App currently has the issue of unable to login, we are working on solving this ASAP.

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  • RUnglaube
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    I really prefer this new looking, the contrast of some graphic elements is better with this dark background. But what I like the most is the improved performance, superb!
    "You will never walk along"
  • David
    David Posts: 8  Zyxel Employee
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    Yes, the performance is super fast now. Update Summary report with last 7 days less than 3 seconds. Wow.... Great job ! =)
  • newtype
    newtype Posts: 29  Freshman Member
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    the new login page is stunning ! though not quite used to the new dark grey background.
    overall performance is greatly improved, excellent !!
    trying to digest all release notes in detail, lots of wanted features are finally delivered, especially the free version finally is available. I can push more license sales  B)
  • LOL
    LOL Posts: 14  Freshman Member
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    prefer this new looking +1
  • ZeRicardo
    ZeRicardo Posts: 13  Freshman Member
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    When we'll can customize the looking and feel (colors, logos, etc.)?
  • Nebula_Bayardo
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    Hi @ZeRicardo,
    For next year we have plans to include branding features for MSPs as logo customization, support contact info, etc.
    A new theme would be released later this year  :)