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Zywall 110

Did the number of User Configuration number of zones from firmware V4.65(AAAA.1) to V4.70(AAAA.0) change from 15 to 14? as when I tried to update the firmware it rolled back so I had the boot to the new firmware and do a reset then load my config with “Ignore errors and finish applying the configuration file” and it worked but when I go and check my setup the only thing missing (so for) was a zone I had 15 I now have 14 if I go to add a zone I get “'Zones have reached the maximum number.”

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    We will fix the issue in the next version of date firmware. I'll send the firmware to you when it is ready.
  • Zyxel_Emily
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    The firmware is ready.
    Add 15 user defined zones and upgrade ZyWALL 110 to this firmware.
    No error message appears after device reboots. 15 user defined zones still exist.
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    Hello @dnlk17,
    This zone-fix is added into V4.72C0 already, please refer to the Release note

    Do you encounter this after upgrading to V4.72?
    Thank you.

    Best regards,

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