SSL VPN Problem with "consumer" router

Hi everyone. this is my first time using firewall for VPN, previously  i was using openVPN only.
i have problems with creating simple SSL VPN: i can connect, but can't access to other devices on the LAN. 
i'm using a zyxel USG20. because i can't set the isp router to bridge, i set thw WAN with an IP on same network range of the isp router and then in the router i activated DMZ to the ip address of the wan port of the firewall.
i have another customer with same configuration, but the wan is set with the public ip address (i think router is set to bridge mode), and VPN works. 
so, the only difference is the isp router configuration. is there any way to get VPN works with non-bridge mode router?

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    Hi @Rollo82
    If you would like to build SSL VPN tunnel to USG20, you may reference to this thread.
    You can enable "force all client traffic to enter SSL VPN tunnel" function in SSL VPN rule setting.
    Then there is no problem to route traffic to your Intranet server.

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