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Hi everyone,

I have set up a content filter on all outgoing connections from LAN1 in Nebula for my USG Flex 100. It works properly but I don't know how to identify which websites have been blocked or not in the Event Log.

Categories have been selected in the "Custom" filtering rule.

When checking the FW logs, I can see this :

But the category Business is not blocked (not checked in the Custom rule). So why  does it appear in the logs ? There is no mention if it is blocked or not. And better, when a blocked site is identified it also appears in the logs in the same manner. There is no way to see the difference between blocked or not websites...

One other question : what does SSI:N mean in the details of each log entry ?



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    Hi @"Sébastien"

    Could you enable "Invite Zyxel support as administrator" feature for us?
    You can find it on the path of Help -> Support request and enable it.

    Once you have done, please send a private message to me and provide your organization and site name to us. We can check the configuration of this device. 

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