ARP flood by Enable Connectivity Check for routing

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Is their a setting where I can disable ARP check then ping IP for Connectivity Check?

I would like to use a 5sec check period but not to ARP the gateway and use last known ARP check for the gateway.

As I have 4 routing rules and doing Connectivity Check it makes the Zywall 110 ARP every second~

Also I'm doing the same ping IP for the checks might it be better for the USG to look at all the Connectivity Checks going out the same interface and do one instead of four?


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    Thanks for your feedback and the behavior is by design 

    When set the Policy Route with Heath Check.It send arp request before ICMP.
    No matter ping the same address or not.

    Thanks your advice.
    We will put this idea to our future development evaluation.

    Thanks you

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