Upgrade USG 110 4.10 FIRMWARE TO 4.35 VERSION

I've planned to upgrade an older version Zyxel firmware model USG110 from 4.10 version to 4.35 version (latest is 4.60). I'm going to upgrade one by one from 4.10 to  4.11-4.13-4.15-4.20-4.25-4.30-4.32-4.33-4.35 whitout lost configuration, it is possible?. I don´t want to reconfigure. Thanks.Regards.

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    AFAIK you could follow this steps....
    4.10 -> 4.30
    4.35 -> 4.30
    4.39 -> 4.70

    You can always download the "lastgood.conf" file before and after the update/upgrade and related reboot.
    If no error is present, should work seamlessly.

    Please, upgrade to 4.70 ASAP. For safety of your setup.
  • Thnaks for your answer, I updated from 4.10 to 4.11. 1 of the vpn ipsec tunnes doesn´t run and vpn_l2tp user is fall down. Thanks.
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    @zyxel_j I am sorry for your not optimal experience, but in my experience every firmware upgrade was not able to create issues for other services.
    Consider to check the changelog for every version. Moreover: some IpSec endpoints don't take that wall a change of interface for VPN. Therefore, maybe a stop/start of the VPN on the other side might help...
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    i have an usg110 with this V4.15(AAPH.0) / 2015-12-28 21:29:51 firmware

    can i upgrate to the lastest verion 4.70 November 08, 2021 with out any problem? or i have to upgrate to a older version first?

    thank you

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    In upgrade scenario, new FW version should without problem to apply configuration from old FW version.
    You can backup your configuration first, and upgrade firmware to "standby" partition. In most case, your device will boot up successfuly by new firmware.
  • Thanks for your reply. I restarted both router and firewalls, but the connection didn´t run. I made a new vpn tunnel and the connection stand up. I must to update 7 firmware updates more, I hope not lose data or connection. Thanks for your help.
    Best regards.
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