Moving Switches Between Organizations (Preventing)

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I have been using a test organization, with a couple of Zyxel switches added.
I have now gone to remove the switches from the test org and move to the live org.
It looks as though I can remove the switch from one org to the other (using the AP and QR code) without any authority.  This concerns me that anyone with the QR code could remove a switch from my Nebula account.

Is this the case, or is there something I'm not doing?


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  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Welcome to the community. :)
    This design is for ease of use like registration without manually input MAC and serial number and e-commerce customer return without proper unregistration or configure before shipping.
    Understand for your concern, will have the enhancement on March, 2022, you can set org. to deny device unregistered from App or anyone on NCC.

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