GS1900-24 firmware 2.70(AAHL.0)C0 endless login redirects

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I installed a new GS1900-24, original firmware version was V2.60(AAHL.3).
I played with the settings for few hours and before final installation updated to GS1900-24_2.70(AAHL.0)C0.

After updating to 2.7 when trying to login again after session is timed out, I succeed to login and within 2-3 seconds the web redirects to the login page again. If I am fast enough I can click on one of the settings and it will show.

Rebooting the switch make it work for a while (from my understanding until the session times out) than again I can't login until I reboot the switch again.

Note that while on firmware 2.6 I changed the HTTP session timeout to 30 minutes.

What I have tested so far:
- Two different browsers (edge and chrome)
- A different PC (which I have not login from to the switch before)
- Incognito mode
- Clear cache
- Device is pingable

This happen 3 times on firmware 2.7, after each occurrence reboot solved the issue, but reboot is not an option since I have to physically reach the switch and make a temporary service disruption.

I have rolled back to the backup image (using the same settings) which has firmware 2.6 and it did not happen since.


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    Hello guys,

    Thanks for sharing the information.
    I would like to inform that we had released a datecode beta firmware fixed for this problem.

    I'll PM you guys the fixed datecode as follows:
    @Joulinar GS1900-8HP
    @AdamP GS1900-24E
    @SpinningGlobe GS1900-24HP

    Steps to replicate the problem:
    1. HTTP/HTTPS Session Timeout set to 1 minute.
    2. Click the "Logout" button or save then reboot.
    3. Login via web GUI, and then close the browser. (Don't need to logout)
    4. Wait for more than 1 minute. (Follow by the session timeout settings)
    5. Open the browser and login. 
    6. Click “Getting Started”, "Ignore" or “Status” which may lead you to the dashboard will have you automatically logout.

    PS: Thanks for @thecode supporting to verify the datecode.  :)
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Zyxel_Jonas
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    Hi Guys,

    I would like to announce that the official firmware is released.
    It can be downloaded from our global website: Download Library | ZyXEL

    Thank you for your patience and support.

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  • Zyxel_Jonas
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    Hi @thecode,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    Thanks for sharing the detailed information.
    You've mentioned that:
    This happen 3 times on firmware 2.7
    Just would like to clarify if the problem only happens 3 times after upgrading to firmware 2.7?
    Because I've made a local test following the steps you've provided, but I don't see the symptoms.
    The only difference now is the configuration file, I'll private message you to retrieve the configuration file for testing.

    Please check your inbox.

  • Joulinar
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    I can confirm the behaviour on my GS1900-8HP. Since 2.7 I'm not able to login anymore. Login is working fine but I'm redirected to Login page after 2-3 seconds. Doesn't matter what browser or OS I use. Means, my PoE switch is unusable as I'm not able to activate my PoE devices anymore. 
  • @Joulinar in my case if I reboot the switch I can login without being redirected (if I am not mistaken it works until the first session timeout). You can reboot the switch and downgrade or switch to the backup image. I believe a fixed firmware will be released soon.
  • AdamP
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    I have a GS1900-24E and can confirm this exact same issue is happening to me as well.  Just noticed it for the first time yesterday (12/8/21) and after power cycling the unit earlier today that temporarily fixed the issue but now it's doing the same thing with the redirect back to the login screen (12/9/21).  Running firmware update 2.7.  Wasn't having this issue prior to updating the firmware and it wasn't happening immediately after updating either, but now it's constant.  Otherwise, switch is still functioning normally, pingable, all hosts running as intended, vlans are operational, just can't login to the GUI dashboard.
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    I have a GS-1900-24HP which exhibits the exact same issue after update to 2.70. The problem is the "Status" page, possibly with the "virtual device" display, as it logs out after trying to update that.

    I managed to work around it. It is not a fix, but it at least allows you to get into your switch.

    You need to be really fast and disable javascript after pressing the "Login" button, but before the page fully loads the "virtual device" display. If you use Chrome you can have one tab open to "chrome://settings/content/javascript" and the other to the switch. Be fast. CTRL+TAB helps.

    I then turned on javascript so that I can change settings, and modified SNMP community name to "public" so that I get the SNMP warning next time I login and don't have to do this "turn off javascript" nonsense again.

    This needs a proper fix.
  • @SpinningGlobe

    Many thanks for sharing your workaround. It's working quite well. One small hint while you get faced with the SNMP warning message. Don't hit the ignore button as this will log you off again :)
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    the same with me on my GS1900-8.
    I have noted that each time when I've been redirected to the log-on page the url in the address bar is constantly changed to "... dispatcher.cgi?cmd=0"  each menu has different value, if I'm not mistaken "Monitor" in the menu is equal to "cmd=4" but seconds after click on it I'm redirected back to "cmd=0"

  • Hi @Zyxel_Jonas,

    the fix seems to be working fine. I just installed new datecode and login is possible again without any workaround. 

    Thx for quick fix.
  • when permanent solution could be expected ?

    login with SSH is always working for me, but can't change the config, there are only show (cisco like) commands, but no configure