Why Nebula Mobile App say can’t connect to server?

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Nebula Mobile APP will automatically check the connectivity before login. Once the checking process fail, Nebula Mobile APP will pop out the error message.


Some users may receive this error message when trying to login Nebula with the Mobile APP.

This error message means you are unable to connect to Nebula server since our APP will check the connectivity before logging in.

This article will guide you on how to resolve this issue.


We will need a 3rd party ping tool to check the network connectivity and status of yours DNS. We use PingTools Network Utilities in this example.

1. Check the network connectivity

Please go to “Ping” to ping to check your network connectivity.
If you can’t ping to, please check your network first.

2. Check the DNS resolve result

If you can ping to, please go to “DNS lookup” to check can you resolve “nebula.zyxel.com” or not.
If DNS resolve fail, please check your DNS setting.

3. Change DNS server setting

If DNS is resolved successfully but the error message still pop out, this might be due to your DNS server not being able to resolve correct IP address of other FQDN we used to connect to our server. 
Please change your DNS setting to “”.

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