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I have bonded DSL in Portland ME from Consolidated Communications. My modem is a VMG4927-B50A. I am trying to set this modem up in bridge mode. I am use to putting the vendor supplied device in bridge mode and passing in the PPPoE credentials from my router. It seems I need a little more information to properly put the VMG4927 in bridge mode. I have tried to get more information from technical support from Consolidated, but either the folks I speak with either don't know or will not tell me exactly how to put their modem in bridge mode. They tell me that they do not support bridge mode, but some people are using bridge mode.

Is the connection ADSL or VDSL? Is the type ATM or PTM? Should PPoE passthrough be enabled or disabled? Does PPoE passthrough mean that the router can provide the PPoE credentials to the modem, and if so, I would guess this is required? Is 0 a reasonable value for VPI and 35 a reasonable value for VCI?

If it helps, my DSL lights are both green. Some people closer to the source have DSL lights that are both amber. I think the cutoff is 15,000 feet from the source.

Thank you for any help or guidance you can provide.

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    Accroding to your description "my DSL lights are both green", it means the connection is ADSL(ATM), and since the light is green, so it means your internet connection is accessible, the VPI/VCI value are also correct. If you still encountering any network issue in this case, I suggest you can contact your local internet service provider for further help.
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    Hello @dwight and @HouliCrab

    Looking at section 1.4.3 of the user guide available at https://fccid.io/I88VMG9827-B50A/User-Manual/Users-Manual-VMG9827-B50A-VMG3927-B50B-Part1-pdf-4360035.pdf the DSL LEDs being green confirm that the DSL is ADSL.

    The Internet connection might still be down if the Internet LED is Red or Off. If the VMG is in bridge mode, then the Internet LED can be Off legitimately.

    I hope that this is helpful. 

    Merry Christmas.

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