[NEBULA] Facebook social login improvement in Nebula phase 3

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A new Nebula phase 3 has been released this week and one of many improvements is the Facebook social login for captive portal authentication. Now, right after the user connects to your wireless network, a Captive Network Assistant (CNA) will automatically pop-up and the user will be able to authenticate using a Facebook account. 
There's no more need to open a web browser :).

In case you have already configured the Facebook social login and you want to enjoy this improvement, please follow the next steps:

1. Upgrade your access points to the latest phase 3 firmware. You can go to Site-Wide > Configure > General Setting > Firmware upgrades and choose to perform the upgrade now or set a schedule of your convenience.

2. Once your device has been upgraded to the latest available firmware, proceed to AP > Configure > Authentication > Network access > Captive portal choose the option "Disable" and save. Wait few minutes so the NCC will apply the changes.

3. Now, in the same section as step 2,  you need to configure your captive portal authentication as Sign-on with Facebook again and save. Wait for few minutes one more time and NCC will apply the new Facebook social login settings to your device.

And that's it! We just need to reconfigure the Facebook social login to get the new settings working in our devices.

Go ahead and try it yourself :D

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