How to configure PoE schedule for Zyxel Switch in standalone mode?

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Use PoE schedule to automatically turn on and off the PDs.





PoE function makes people don't need to find one or more extension cord to deliver power.

With PoE Schedules, we can set a timer to let PDs power turn on or off  to cut cost on electric bills.

This example will instruct the administrator on how to configure PoE schedule.





Configure time range

1.1 Go to “Menu > Advanced Application > Time Range” to configure a time range you would like your PD to turn on in this time range.

Configure PoE port with time range

2.1 Go to “Menu > Basic Setting > PoE Setup > PoE Time Range Setup” to assign PoE schedules to specific ports. Select the port connected to your PD and select the time range you created in the previous step.





After setup, we can see which port is using the time range below.


We can also go to “Menu > Basic Setting > PoE Setup” to check which port is using which time range profile in time-range state.

Once the time is out of time range, switch will automatically disable the PoE and you will see “Out” in time-range state.



Please make sure your switch can sync with NTP server or your switch may not turn on/off your PDs at the right time.


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