USG40W Local-AP going offline

We've had several USG40W devices, most on the V4.65(AALB.1) firmware, that have an ongoing issue of the Local-AP going offline after the device has been online for a few days, preventing anyone from being able to connect to the wireless.

The logs shows the connection failures being caused by Auth failure, but this only occurs when the Local-AP is showing as an offline AP. And we've verified the correct wireless password is being used.

As soon as we restart the device, the Local-AP shows as online and users can connect to the wireless without issue.

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  • USG_User
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    Hi faxsi,
    Sound similar to our problem discussed at . Try to collect diagnostic data for the controller and the AP, once when the system is running, and second time when the Controller/AP seems to be offline. Then provide Zyxel with diagnostic data by PN.
    Unfortunately we're still waiting for the next fail of the AP and are not able to provide the fail log.
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    Hi @faxsi
    Could you kindly collect diagnose file for AP&USG ?
    Once issue occour again. Please provide those file to us.

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