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I have been using one NWA210AX successfully at home for about a year, with only minor issues (like the Nintendo Switch Lite being rejected on the 2.4Ghz band with the correct passphrase but being accepted to problem on the 5Ghz, which was odd). When I moved I needed more WiFi coverage so I bought a second NWA210AX. I haven't had a chance to wire ethernet yet, so I set up the wired one as the "Root AP" and the second as "Repeater" on the 5Ghz band and the WDS link came up fine (-65dB, 1.1471G). Initially I placed the AP close (a few feet) from some client devices, but that seemed to cause a lot of issues for all clients staying connected to the repeater AP, so I relocated it to the other side of the room so clients would be at least 10 feet away from it, which helped.

However, after a day or two clients start having a very hard time staying connected to the repeater again, going back and forth between it and the Root AP. I tried enabling the signal threshold under the radio profiles, but that didn't improve the ability of clients to stay connected, and eventually the AP would need to be rebooted again. It is good after a reboot (I usually reboot both the root AP and repeater one after the other, just to be sure). Is there anything else I can adjust? Is this a known issue?

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    Hi @Nate


    Because there are many non-wifi device also share the 2.4GHz band and the less non-overlapped channels so radio 2.4GHz has high interference to cause poor wireless experience. Such as your Nintendo Switch Lite gets reject might due to the associate process not completed. The WDS link signal


    From your description, the signal between the root and repeater seems not good quality. We can help to check your settings and diagnostic file and provide advice to your environment. Can you collect the start-up config files and diagnostic files both on two AP’s maintenance page?

    Thank you




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    Thanks for the follow-up. Since I wrote about my issue, I've applied updates to both APs and they are now running firmware V6.30(ABTD.0) and I also moved them physically closer together. The WDS link is showing -64dBm with a with an Rx rate of 464M and a Tx rate of 412M. I have since been able to get the Nintendo Switch to connect on the 2.4Ghz band of WiFi. I do have issues with client connectivity remaining stable over long periods of time, which I've outlined in my latest post here: