NBG6515 in AP Mode with Guest Wifi


I have an NBG6515 configured in AP Mode. It has an IP in the same subnet (/24) as its router, which takes care of DHCP, DNS and routing.
I can set up a Guest SSID on the 
NBG6515, but it is unclear to me how to get traffic to that subnet.  I tried creating a static route on the router for the Guest Wifi subnet, but it did not work.

Seems like the Guest SSID needs to be on a different subnet than the main SSID?

Router subnet:
Router address =
NBG6515 LAN IP address:

Guest IP Address :
Guest Subnet Mask :
Guest Start IP :
Guest End IP :

On the router I have a route for with next hop =

I am suspecting that since the NBG6515 is in "AP Mode" it acts as a bridge only and cannot route traffic to the Guest Wlan?

Main question: How can I set up a Guest Wifi network on an NBG6515 in "AP Mode"???

Any help much appreciated.


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    The guest network is separated from the main network.
    Device under main network and guset network not able to connect to each other.
    If you would like to set up guest wifi, you can do it in router mode and then change it to AP mode.
  • Thanks Dexter, I will give it a try!

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