VMG4927 Mac/iOS support (AirPrint, Airdrop, HomeKit)


I have a VMG4927 provided by Consolidated Communication, able to connect fine to the internet but all Apple specific network technologies like Airprint, AirDrop and Homekit (HomePod mini) are simply not working. 

Assuming this is something to do with Multicast/IGMP/MLD support on the device. Any pointers on how to get  Airprint, AirDrop and Homekit would be appreciated. 

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  • tonygibbs16
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    Hello @donq123

    I don't know much about AirPrint but there is some troubleshooting information from Apple at https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201311

    Some things to look at would be the following:
    • Is your printer on WiFi ok? Can you ping it from another computer on the WiFi?
    • Is your printer on the AirPrint supported list from Apple (see list on the link above)?
    • Is your Apple device on the network ok?
    • Is your printer discoverable on the WiFi network without a PIN code required? HP have some thoughts at https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop/tech-takes/what-is-an-airprint-printer
    It might be firewall related, but Apple does not give any details of what ports are used.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,
  • It's an Airprint compatible printer. We simply can't seem to use iOS devices to Airprint to the printer. Nor can we Airdrop photos from one iOS device to another. Also I can't seem to setup HomePod mini. 

    I haven't configured the firewall on the VMG is that something I need to do?
  • Turned off the firewall but no change in status.... 
  • tonygibbs16
    tonygibbs16 Posts: 348  Master Member
    Thanks @donq123 for your reply.

    Are you able to say what make and model your printer is please?

    If turning the firewall off made no difference, then I think that it is unlikely that the VMG4927 is the reason that AirPrint is not working for you.

    Kind regards,
  • Tony, thank you for the quick response. Sure it's a Brother mfc 8480dn 

    I'm noticing that peer-to-peer communications between a Mac to another Mac via Airdrop or an iOS device to a Mac are also not working. Not sure if UPnP or other issues are at play. 

    Also worth mentioning that I have an eero Pro 6 connected to the LAN port of the Zyxel. I have the same problems whether I use the Zyxel Wifi or the eero Pro 6 network.