VMG4005-B50A on Deutsche Telekom 250Mbit VDSL?

Hi all,

I’ve bought a VMG4005-B50A to use in bridge mode with my domestic 250Mbit 35b/supervectoring VDSL service in Germany and I’m having trouble setting it up. It syncs fine but I’m getting a PPPoE error when I try and connect. The ISP isn’t being any help.

On both the default “Bridge_ATM” and “Bridge_PTM” WAN configurations (which of these are relevant for my setup? Should I delete the other one?) I’ve set 802.1p = 0 and 802.1q = 7. Encapsulation is set to LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING and Service Category as “UBR Without PCR”.

With the LAN port plugged directly into my mac, if I try and open a PPPoE connection it thinks for a while then says, “A connection could not be established to the PPP server. Try reconnecting. If the problem continues, verify your settings and contact your administrator”. If I go to Console.app I see some output:

default	11:05:59.476639+0100	pppd	pppd 2.4.2 (Apple version 881) started by ratkins, uid 501
default	11:05:59.476728+0100	pppd	PPPoE connecting to service '' [access concentrator '']...
default	11:05:59.537379+0100	kernel	PPPoE inputdata: unexpected data packet on unit = 9
default	11:05:59.541596+0100	kernel	ifnet_attach: Waiting for all kernel threads created for interface ppp0 to get scheduled at least once.
default	11:05:59.541659+0100	kernel	ifnet_attach: All kernel threads created for interface ppp0 have been scheduled at least once. Proceeding.
default	11:05:59.541354+0100	pppd	PPPoE connection established.
default	11:05:59.542155+0100	pppd	Connect: ppp0 <--> socket[34:16]
default	11:06:32.563692+0100	pppd	LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests
default	11:06:32.563930+0100	pppd	Connection terminated.
default	11:06:32.564666+0100	pppd	PPPoE disconnecting...
default	11:06:32.564826+0100	pppd	PPPoE disconnected
default	11:06:32.569849+0100	pppd	Entering exit handler.
default	11:06:32.569874+0100	pppd	Exiting exit handler.

Note the `LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests`.

Any idea what might be going wrong? Is a standard configuration for this modem and Deutsche Telekom VDSL available?

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  • ratkins
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    I’m still confused about what the above problem is, but it’s working—when I plug the LAN port of the modem into my Ubiquiti ERX-SFP and let it bring up the PPPoE connection everything works fine. I’m getting > 230Mbps throughput on wired connections.

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