USG 100 Flex and German Magenta IPTV

Niro96 Posts: 25  Freshman Member
Hello, my USG 100 Flex is running very well so far. Unfortunately I can't get my IPTV to work. After these instructions I set everything. Unfortunately the picture stops after 5 seconds. So when switching from unicast to multiast. Do you have another idea?

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  • mMontana
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    Hello @Niro96 the document you linked has been updated 1 day ago. Does your settings reflect the latest versions?
    Moreover: are there any tech details about Magenta IPTV settings required on the service website?
    Consider that many forumers don't know German...

    Last but not least: your "player" device of IPTV is into LAN1 segment?
  • Niro96
    Niro96 Posts: 25  Freshman Member
    Hello, thank you for your answer. I also implemented the new instructions. My IPTV sends the first 5 seconds. in unicast. Then in multicast. My IPTV also runs for 5 seconds. Then it stops. I think that the USG100 Flex cannot handle multicast and IGMPv3 properly.
  • Zyxel_Jeff
    Zyxel_Jeff Posts: 305  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @Niro96

    Can you provide the reproduced video and packet files(that includes WAN and LAN interfaces while this symptom appears) to us via private message?

  • Niro96
    Niro96 Posts: 25  Freshman Member
    I have sent a private Message. Marcus Henning

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