zyxel vmg8828-b50b

hello everyone
I bought the vmg8828 modem/router from my previous provider, and now I would like to reuse it as an access point in an area not covered by my current wifi. First of all I would like to replace the provider firmware with a zyxel.
some data
Hardware: zyxel vmg8828-b05b
software: v5.13_abrf.0_b5_zyxelvmg8828-b50b_1.0

could you give me some information about it?

thank you very much

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    Hi there

    If the VMG8828 was come from your previous provider, it might loaded its customized firmware which might limit some configuration and firmware.
    Which means you might not able to replace the customized firmware to a Zyxel firmware.
    For your reference.

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