I am Struggling to get my Zyxel VMG3625-T20A as base Station for Repeating Mode

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I am currently using my Zyxel VMG3625-T20A Router. I want to set up another Router to be a "Wireless Repeater" for this router.

The settings have been done on the Repeater already, but the settings for the Zyxel I cannot get on the menu at all.

According to the "https://manual-hub.com/manuals/zyxel-vmg3625-t20a-02-pdf-manual/" manual, I have to enable the Mesh Setting on my Zyxel router. But that Setting is not under my wireless settings tab.

I am running the "V5.30(ABIE.7)H0" firmware at the moment.

Am I missing something or has it been removed or is it not supported?

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    Hi there

    The user manual in your post is for multiple models, some models support mesh, but some don't.
    You can check it on page 18, unfortunately, VMG3625-T20A doesn't support Mesh.

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