Armor G5 Wifi password: non-alphanumeric characters disallowed? Why?

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All my previous routers from Asus, Netgear and other major brands allowed special characters such as ! @ # $ etc. in the Wifi password field but my new Armor G5 does not. Is there a special reason for that? Is it possible to override the router configuration by connecting to the router via SSH or other method?

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    Hi @Fyzysh

    To avoid the remote code execution vulnerability, the password doesn't accept special characters.

    The SSH is default disabled on the Armor G5, there is no button to enable it.

  • Fyzysh
    Fyzysh Posts: 2
    Oh wow, to be honest that's disappointing... there are many ways to handle those non-alphanumeric characters in the firmware software without exposing it to "code execution vulnerability", simply disallowing them is a very lazy way to deal with this.

    The Armor G5 has potential but the software needs improvement. This is my first Zyxel device and I'll probably return it to Amazon.

    Thanks anyway for your time.

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