Upgrading from USGFlex100 to USGFlex200 in Nebula

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Customer currently has a USGFlex100 enabled for Nebula.  They need to upgrade to a USGFlex200.  Is there a way to update the model without losing settings in Nebula?

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    In Nebula Control Center, we could keep the config when we want to upgrade from a model to the same or bigger model. Here is an upgrade product model example from small to another bigger model, please refer to the following steps:

    1. If we have a small device in this site and now we want to upgrade to another bigger model without losing the config. Below device that we would like to replace it with another bigger model device. Please navigate to Organization-Wide > Configure > License & inventory > Devices

    2. Click +Add icon to add a device, enter the bigger model device’s MAC address and Serial Number.

    Note: Please make sure this device is already registered on your MyZyxel account.

    3. After adding the device, we can see the device is under this organization but doesn't belong to any site.

    4. Tick the smaller model device and click "Remove from this organization" as Action. Don't worry, the setting is still saved on this site after removing the device.

    5. Navigate to Site-wide > Configure > Add Devices, tick the new device and click Add to this site

    6. Select Zero Touch Provision (ZTP) mode and configure the default settings for the new device, then click Save.

    7. The steps afterward are implementing the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), please refer to this KB link: https://kb.zyxel.com/KB/searchArticle!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=018084&lang=EN

    8. After implementing ZTP for the bigger model device successfully, we can see the bigger model device is on the same site and the settings remain the same.

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