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Hi we are new to Nebula and have multiple customers setup on this and working.
What we have noticed and not sure if its some setting, when  a device is connected to a site we cannot see what Clients are connected. Don't remember this being an issue previously. Any help welcomed. 

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @KCOM,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    May I know your issue is that client page didn't show client are connected?
    If yes, may I know which one? switch client page? gateway client page?
    If not, which page did you have issue?
    May you also share the issue with screenshot so I can know more information about this issue

    By the way, is your organization in cloud saving mode?
    If yes, you may not see the client information.
    Please disable cloud saving mode and wait about 30 minutes.
    Then you will be able to see the client information in client page.

    Kindly remind, Nebula organization in base pack (free mode) will enter cloud-saving mode if no administrator had access to the organization within 30 days. 
    Nebula doesn't monitor and poll device network activities except for the following information:
       - Gateway WAN IP status
       - Gateway Interface status
       - Gateway VPN connection
       - Gateway, Switch, Access point event logs
  • KCOM
    KCOM Posts: 3
    Thanks for the Great reply. I have turned off Cloud-Saving mode and all restored. Learn something new daily, Really appreciate and I will set reminder to make sure we are logging in more often. 

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