EMG3525-T50B Firmware

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I have purchased an EMG3525-T50B from the local computer store, however the router seem to be causing issues:
1. 5G Wifi not always working and need several restarts before coming up.
2. DNS intermittently stop resolving for 30 - 90 seconds.
3. External USB drive share sometimes stop working and require several modem restarts and power off's before coming back.

I have searched the internet and can not find any firmware updates, according to this forum i should get a firmware from the service provider that supplied the modem, in this case it is a computer store and they already suggested that i look at the manufacturer support site for firmware downloads.

Please advise on where i can download the most recent firmware, current firmware seem to be the initial release version.


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    Can you please provide the serial number of this device? You can find it on back label of device.

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    I have the same issues with my EMG3525-T50B Serial number S210Y19030583. Firmware Version

    I can't seem to find any updated firmware searching and I can't add the device to my Zyxel 
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    I have your router
    • Model Name
    • EMG3525-T50B
    • Serial number
    • S190Y50097008
    • Firmware Version
    • V5.50(ABPM.2)H0

    • The 2.4 and 5g Wifi stopped broadcasting although it indicates it is on,
    • You have not made any firmware available for this device and my service provider refers me to your library.
    • Please assist me with updated firmware, the device is not functioningnas advertised.
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    anyone with fairmware link to zyxel 

    EMG3525-T50B router 

  • blessmusa
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    Can I please have link to 

    EMG3525-T50B router firmware.  The router keep disconnecting

  • YeK
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    The fw version of your device is customized version, please contact with your service provider for help. 

  • YeK
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    Please provide current fw version of your device.
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    why are still using this routers if they dont provide firmware. we have other option in the market. they dont even reply the comments.

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