Compatibility btw Zyxel EMG3524 and TP-Link RE305 repeater (/MESH range extender) to create a MESH

My internet provider installed the Zyxel EMG3524 wifi router in my house replacing my old TP-Link Archer C60 (for this new Zyxel one - with Gigabit port -)

I was thinking of swapping this Zyxel for the TP-LINK Archer C6...

But I saw in the technical specifications of Zyxel that it is compatible with MESH technology.

I would like to know if this EMG3524 is compatible with the TP-Link MESH RE305 repeater. Will these two working together flow without compatibility issues? Would they be able to form a MESH network?


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    Hi Luiz,
    If the TP-LINK's new firmware version did not support EasyMesh.
    I think EMG3524 and 
    TP-LINK MESH RE305 cannot form a Mesh Network.
    The Zyxel EMG3524 supports EasyMesh which is following the WIFI Alliance spec.
    And the TP-LINK MESH RE305 supports OneMesh which is developed by TP-Link.

    According to TP-link Q&A-Q4
    Q4. Can the OneMesh™ products or Deco build a Mesh network with other brand products?
    A4. No. Currently, the Wi-Fi Alliance does not require the same technology to construct Mesh networks, so the methods and technologies used by each network provider are different. Therefore, there is no way to combine different brand products to build a Mesh network.
    The reference URL:

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