Configure the firewall from nebula

is it possible from Nebula to configure the Firewall as if you were using the local interface?
The interface seems very "poor" to me, I don't know if this depends on the free license ...
For example: if I wanted to create objects is it possible to do it from nebula?

Thanks Marcello

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    Dear Marcello,

    there is no need to create objects as you know from Standalone.

    Just enter the IP in the Firewall Rule during the configuration step.

    Nebula is different from On-Premise platform, so you need to re-think your configuration, the most config is more logical and easier for you, give it a chance :)

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    • When testing the firewall rule, most likely you will ping (when looking at our example) the LAN2 gateway interface IP and to your shock will find out that you still can ping the gateway! Is this because the interface's own IP is set to a firewall-zone outside of both LAN1 or LAN2, but actually the device itself, also referred to as "ZyWall"
    • Using the Security Gateway Services below will allow specific services to be accessible from WAN onto the device ("ZyWall"). If you enter in both fields any e.g., clients from the WAN can both Ping and access the unit on the WAN-port vias HTTPS.

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