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I 'm new and need some assistance.

I have a NWA110AX i have setup different SSID'S
Now i go in the nebula center to accespoint>SSIDadvanced settings and then by VlAN ID i had the "option Smart Guest/VLAN network tip, click here" but this is gone, now how to change dhcp iff it's gone and you can only set it up ones?

Thanks for the help

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    Hi @Menomenic

    In the "SSID Advanced Settings" page ,  you can scroll down the page and find the  VLAN ID settings.

    By default the vlan is "1", so there's no additional setting needed

    Only when you set a different VLAN ID on the column, the NCC will display the smart VLAN setting you've mentioned.

    Click the hyperlink, you can configure the gateway settings on NCC. 

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