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We have recently taken over a site with an NSG200 at its core with several VLANs, each with bandwidth restrictions.

Does the NSG200 or the Nebula dashboard allow the bandwidth throughput/usage to be seen per VLAN, for example if a user complains of Internet problems, we can see if they are hitting their 50Mb bandwidth allocation?

The access points show throughput but this appears to be the total of all SSIDs from all differing VLANs and users active on the access point, rather than a per SSID or per VLAN breakdown - and then theres the wired users to consider.

If this isn't possible has anyone had any experience getting something like PRTG Network Monitor be able to tap in and access bandwidth usage by VLAN?

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    Hi @CTUK,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Based on your case, I would recommend you to check which client takes more network throughput via NCC Clients page which located at Site-wide > Monitor > Clients by checking the specific timestamp that user complains instead of verifying if the user hits bandwidth limit. Or viewing if NSG gets CPU high event could be another reason that affects network performance.

    For Nebula dashboard, it cannot monitor throughput/usage per interface.
    If you would like to monitor interface traffic, you may consider other SNMP monitoring tool such as PRTG, Auvik, Zabbix, and Domotz .. etc.

    Hope it helps.

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