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Is it known and expected capability that a nebula firewall is only able to ping an IP address or hostname on its WAN interfaces? The firewalls seem to have no capability to ping any ip address on their LAN interfaces or VPNs that i can find?

This is the same for ATPs and USG Flexs that are put under Nebula control as opposed to standalone, they seem to loose full network ping ability.

If this is correct, when is this ability going to be added back in as it seems bizarre that a network router cant ping its own network devices?

Apologies in advance if this is me not finding the functionality in the NCC!

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  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @accurro
    On NCC UI, it is only ping address by WAN1/WAN2 interface.
    If you would like to ping Intranet, you could access to device local GUI. (Network Test Tool)
    And you can select interface address which you like.

    Thanks for your suggestion, if the function is available on NCC would much friendly for usage. :)
  • accurro
    accurro Posts: 22  Freshman Member
    Hi Stanley 

    I have accessed this but this seems to defeat the point of Nebula? If I have to be on the LAN to access the device local GUI I would just ping the LAN devices normally through command line on my laptop?

    I have tested the network tools section but appears to have issues / bugs ie i can select the VPN interface but all pings are lost but if i do it via command line on my laptop they succeed.

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