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I have a client who has come back to life after Covid and I've just brought his Nebula NCC subscription back to current. Now, I'm trying to make some changes to his setup but am finding that the SAVE option is greyed out. I don't remember ever having this issue previously.

Any idea why the SAVE button would be greyed out for a customer's site?

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    Hi @JCKelly,

    May you provide the screenshot the setting page that you said the SAVE option was grayed out?
    Normally, the SAVE option gray out is that there has some setting you haven't finish setup(some selection didn't select or didn't type in).
    Or the privilege of you account is not full admin.

    And also may you help to enable Zyxel support and provide the org & site name?
    I will help to check if you have finish setup and your account is full admin.

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