Setting up DDNS on ATP100 in Nebula

I need a Nebula Plus or Pro Pack License to add dynamic dns (DDNS) on my ATP100? I cannot find this menu over Nebula, though I had it set up previously when connecting directly through my LAN.  Also - Is it normal that I am locked out of the ATP100 locally while it is connected to Nebula?  Is there a way to access locally or will I need to reset for local use & how to do that?

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    Hi @Derrick5733

    Dynamic DNS function could work in base pack.
    You can find the setting by: Firewall > Configure > Firewall setting.

    What do you mean you locked out from ATP100? If you meaning wrong password, you can find new password by: Site Wide > Configure > General settings
    NCC will overwrite password after connecting to Nebula. Of cause you can change to new one as you like.

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