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Hi there, 

I am struggling a lot to understand the CLI of the different VMG routers we have (b10d, t20b, t50b).
Would anybody have any tips or links to any documentation?
So far my only way is to press "tab" and hope some commands show up with an explicit name...

Right now I am trying to backup/restore the configuration. Goal is to backup, run some integrations tests, then restore the configuration.

I found "zycli cfgdump show" that could maybe provide some relevant information. But I end up having a "Access Denied!" msg...

Any help appreciated


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    Hi there
    I think the CLI will no open for user.
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    Hello @elavaud

    I have found a 2013 CLI document for VMG1312-B10A at https://support.aa.net.uk/images/6/6c/VMG1312-B10A_CLI_Reference_Manual.pdf

    I think that the level of access available through SSH will depend on the user credentials and also the firmware version you have installed.

    For example, I don't think that later firmware allows shell access to a BusyBox shell any more.

    Kind regards,
  • elavaud
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    Oh yes that is an old one. I do not recognize any of the commands I use :) 
    It could still point me to logic of the routers... Thanks!

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